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Below ft. Amber Prothero

Below is mine and Amber's third collaboration and is takes a more solemn turn from our previous upbeat Jazz Pop hits. We started the song all the way back in January 2021 whilst we were still in lockdown, and it has taken over a year to finish the song.

The song is about the struggles of going through mental health battles and tries to express an honest account of how it can feel day to day. The lyrics began from the phrase "When you hit rock bottom, and the ground falls out from under you”. These words were directly inspired by real events and Amber was crucial in turning the idea into a fully-fledged song. Despite the subject matter of the lyrics the song tries to find the hope in darkest places and builds to a climatic, uplifting ending.

Below Artwork.

This is the first song where I have also used live instruments, the violin in the second half is all recorded by a talented musician Claudia who I used to work with at a Columbian cafe about 5 years ago. I gave her free rein and she gave me some incredible violin parts which I cut and shaped around the vocals to create the chorus as it is now.

This is by far the most meaningful song I have created lyrically and hope it helps someone through a particularly bad day.

Newah x

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