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Leave It To The Rain ft. Amber Prothero

After the success of Let It Burn, Amber and I came back together to work on a new single; We wanted to further develop our combined sound whilst exploring some new territory.

Leave It To The Rain is an unapologetically uplifting and happy song about harnessing negative emotions and memories and using them to power positive growth. The lyrics use water and rain as a metaphor for washing away the past, and moving on from past relationships.

Leave It To The Rain Artwork

Early on in the writing process the song was giving off a gospel vibe and we decided to harness this and further develop it through the choice of instrumentation. The organ, hand claps, and percussion as well as the choir-like layering in the vocals all cemented the single as Gospel Pop.

In the mix I worked on trying to give every vocal layer (there are a lot!) its own natural space as if each were a member of a choir. I also utilised big reverbs and a few subtle delays to create a sense of grandeur and space, as if in a church.

Artwork test photo.

For the artwork I had a clear idea to incorporate old photos or polaroids, inspired by the lyrics in verse 2, however achieving the desired look proved difficult. I eventually changed my idea slightly and simplified it to just include the handwritten text, (thanks mum!) which I think turned out really cool.

In the end we came out with a song that I'm super proud of and I hope anyone can listen to and sing along, even if just under their breath! ;)

Newah x

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