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Nobody Else But Me ft. Denney

My second collaborative project with another BBC Introducing artist and the first of a series of collaborations due to be released this year. This song was made completely over WhatsApp messages and to this day I still haven't heard Denney speak!

Nobody Else But Me Artwork

We didn't really have a plan with this song and just let it flow as ideas came to us. The only thing we knew was that we wanted something between our two styles, but that also challenged each of us. For Denney creating a more danceable record was something she wasn't used to and for myself making something so chill was strange.

The song started with the verse piano chords, which led into the pre and chorus and after some tinkering Denney went away and came up with the lyrics for the whole song! I loved them right from the start and from there we properly began to hone in the sound we wanted.

Initial Artwork Idea

This song is inspired by the intense feelings when falling in love with someone and feeling the need to spend every waking moment with them. That love can become obsessive and controlling as paranoia sets in that maybe they don't feel quite the same way. I think everyone can profess to feeling like that at some point in their life when in a new relationship.

I hope you like the song and look forward to more collaborations coming very soon!

Newah x

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